Digital Marketing Training Structure

Some of the SEO techniques that you will learn from SEO marketing course are:

On-Page & Off-Page SEO Practices

  • Learn use of Basics of HTML tags, URL, Title, Meta Tags, H1, & Images
  • Understand concepts of Crawling of XML & HTML Sitemaps
  • Learn Robots.txt, Anchor text, & role of Linking
  • Go through off-page SEO Tips & Tricks

Learn SEO via best SEO Tools

  • Practice SEO with Google Search Console, Google Analytics setup and Bing Webmaster SEO Tools
  • Understand working of Keyword Planner tool and learn how to map keyword to Web pages
  • Learn SEO Tools to do effective Competition Analysis

Learn SEO relevant Website Design Practices

  • Learn how to make your site SEO Friendly
  • Understand Mobile responsive design & Importance of HTTPs
  • Delve into specifications of Site schema & Technical Website Optimization
  • Learn the role of URL Architecture and do Page Speed Analysis
  • Understand concepts related to Broken links, 301 redirects, Canonicalization, & Custom 404 Error pages

Understand best Link-Building Practices

  • Learn what is Link building & Content marketing basics
  • Know what Directory submissions, Local listings
  • Understand Social bookmarking, Press Release, Blog & Article Optimization
  • Learn SEO driven SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) Strategies
  • Understand Local Seo & Mobile SEO practices

SEO Site Audit & Algorithm Update

  • Learn On-page & Off-page SEO Audit Plans
  • Delve into SEO audit tools like Screaming Frog, Moz & domain tools
  • Go through different Google SEO Algorithm Updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird

SEO Analytics

  • Understand SEO Tracking and Related Metrics
  • Know how to Google Analytics Custom Reports & create your SEO dashboard

Know SMM & Social Media Importance

  • Understand the Social Media Channels
  • Go through relevant Social Media Stats and Trends (in India & Abroad)
  • Understand Social Media Marketing via Social Media Success Stories
  • Know how to choose relevant Social Channel for your Business
  • Understand what is multi-channel Social Media Marketing

Understand Community Building and Develop Facebook Marketing Strategies

  • Know what is community building on Facebook and how to create right Facebook Brand Pages
  • Go through EndgeRank Algorithm to understand how successful marketers engage their audiences on Fb
  • Create Facebook Pages and Implement Facebook Marketing Strategies
  • Understand Facebook Marketing to ensure an increase in followers, fans, and engagements
  • Go through Important Facebook Insights and Success Stories
  • Implement Facebook Marketing Strategies from Goals to Revenues
  • Understand Competitive Research on Facebook

Understand Facebook Ads

  • Go through different types of Facebook Ads
  • Do a Comparative analysis of Facebook Ads & Google AdWords
  • Know the role of CTR in Facebook
  • Understand how to create an Ad Copy in Facebook Advertising
  • Optimize your Ad Copy and do result-oriented Targeting

Understand Twitter Marketing & Types of Twitter Ads

  • Understand the basics of Twitter Marketing
  • Know what is Hashtag, how to create Twitter Trends
  • Understand how to do Brand Building, PR, and Customer Engagement on Twitter
  • Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy
  • Know different kinds of Twitter Marketing Campaigns
  • Know what is Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends on Twitter
  • Go through Different Types of Twitter Ads

Understand LinkedIn Marketing in B2B Businesses

  • Understand LinkedIn basics and how to do lead generation on LinkedIn
  • Know how to create LinkedIn Company Page, Groups, and Developer API
  • Go through different LinkedIn Ads and understand how to run them to generate leads
  • Delve into LinkedIn for HRs, Job-Seekers and Businesses Programs

Learn YouTube Marketing

  • Delve into basics of YouTube Marketing
  • Understand best YouTube Marketing Practices & Tools
  • Go through YouTube Ads and understand their dynamics
  • Go through case studies of viral national and international YouTube Campaigns
  • Learn key Idiosyncrasies of Successful Video Marketing

Understand Pinterest, Instagram and other Social Media Marketing

  • Learn Pinterest Marketing, Ads, and Best Practices
  • Implement Pinterest for Business
  • Understand Instagram Basics, Ads, Tools and Practices
  • Understand how to use Google+, SlideShare
  • Know how Social Channels generate ROI for businesses

Delve into Social Media Marketing Analytics

  • Learn how to do Measurement on Social Media
  • Go through the Framework for ROI Measurement
  • Understand how to create ROI Metrics Dashboard for SMM
  • Go through different Social Media Marketing Tools to Measure ROI

Know what Blogging is 

  • Know what is Blog
  • Know How Blogging Works
  • Know what are the benefits of Maintaining a Blog
  • Knowing the interrelation B/W Blogging & SEO
  • Know how to make money via Blogging

PPC Introduction

  • Know what is PPC
  • Search Engine Advertising and PPC Ads
  • Workflow of PPC Ads and General Formula for calculating PPC
  • Properties of a Compelling PPC Ad and Advantages of PPC

Understand the complete PPC Glossary

  • Ad group
  • Ad Network
  • Ad Position
  • Ad Rank
  • Call-To-Action (CTA)
  • Campaign
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Mille (CPM)
  • Destination URL
  • Display URL
  • Geo-targeting
  • Impression
  • Keyword
  • Landing Page
  • Negative Keywords
  • PPC Bid
  • Prospect
  • Quality Score
  • Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
  • Split Testing

Ads on Google

  • Know how to create Google AdWords Account
  • Go through steps involved in creating a PPC Campaign in Google AdWords

Keyword List in PPC

  • Categorizing the Keywords
  • User Phrases
  • Product-Complementary Phrases
  • Competitor Phrases
  • Product Phrases
  • Brand Phrases
  • Building a Keyword List
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Negative Keywords

Parts of PPC Ad

  • Steps involved in Creating a PPC Ad
  • How to do Market and Audience Research, Keyword Research
  • How to build Pay-Per-Click Ad, PPC Landing Pages
  • How to Track, Measure, and Report in PPC
  • How to Optimize the Ad
  • Know the Elements of a PPC Ad
  • How to create a PPC Ad Using Google AdWords

PPC Landing Pages

  • Know the role of PPC Landing Pages
  • Go through Types of Landing Pages
  • Know the Elements of an Effective Landing Page
  • Features of Creating a Well-Formatted and Informative Landing Page
  • Know how to test the landing page

Bidding in PPC

  • Know what is PPC Bidding
  • Go through the Factors that Affect Bidding
  • Know What to Bid For and how much to Bid
  • Know how to make PPC Pricing Strategies
  • Go through best Bid Management Solutions

Yahoo & Bing Search Marketing

  • Know how Microsoft Ad Center manages Yahoo and Bing Advertising
  • Know the Structure of an Ad Account in Yahoo and Bing Advertising
  • Creating an Ad and Bidding in Microsoft Ad Center
  • How Yahoo/Bing Ads Editor Works
  • Go through the steps involved in Budget and Billing

Measuring Results

  • Learn all the important Metrics in PPC
  • Go through %Served, Average Cost per Click (CPC), and Average Position
  • Understand Bounce Rate, Clicks, Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Conversions and Impression Share
  • Delve into Impressions, Quality Score, and ROI

Google Analytics

  • Go through the Basic Metrics and Main Sections of Google Analytics reports
  • Delve into traffic sources, Direct, Referring, and Search traffic
  • Know how to integrate Google Analytics with AdWords and AdSense
  • Understand Benchmarking, Bounce Rate, Click, and Conversion
  • Delve into Direct Traffic, Filter, Funnels, Goal and Goal Conversion Rate
  • Know the role of Impression, Keywords, Landing Page, and New Visitor
  • Understand Organic Traffic, Paid Traffic, Page View, and Returning Visitor
  • Know the role of Time on Site, Tracking Code, Traffic and Traffic Sources

Analytics Tools

Key Metrics in Google Analytics

  • Know what to measure in Google Analytics
  • Go through Pageviews, Bounce rate, and Pages per session
  • Know Demographic info, Organic traffic, Social traffic, Referral traffic
  • Understand the role of Direct traffic, Source/Medium, and Landing Pages

Web Analytics Conversions

  • Know what is Conversion in analytics
  • Go through different types of goals
  • Destination Goal, Duration Goal, Event Goals, and Pages/Session Goal
  • Know the role of funnels in Google Analytics
  • Know how Multi-Channel Funnel Works

Course Duration:45 Days

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